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Your patterns and instructions excel anyone else on this planet! Sure wish I lived near you so I could attend some of your classes.
Thank you for the lessons included with each pattern you do.

Dot - Virginia, USA

I purchased your Best Dress as soon as it was available… And you did not disappoint! The instructions and photos were fantastic, I am no longer afraid of zips! I am currently working on another dress for my daughter, a Burda pattern…. I have hardly looked at their instructions and constructed the zipper & facing using the methods learnt from making the “Best Dress”.
Karen - SA

The instructions for this [Carry All] pattern were easy to follow and not so intimidating as I thought...Following your instructions, I felt like I had taken an advanced bag making class and I have upped my skills ten fold, and taken my bag making to a new level of professionalism....
Marjorie - Oregon, USA

I NEVER EVER thought I'd be able to sew such a pretty purse, but the instructions are so detailed and the pattern is so well-drafted, it's hard to go wrong. I went slowly because this was my first time and took the time to enjoy the process too. But I must confess that throughout the project, I couldn't wait to finish up the purse properly and take a few photos :-))
Simone - Singapore.

To say that I am so excited about my new teardrop purse is a massive understatement. The service I received from your company has been exemplary. Several email questions I sent were answered promptly and my order was dispatched the day after I ordered it. The pattern is excellent, great instructions and tips. I have made a lot of handbags and this one rates up there with the best.

I loved the coin purse and barrel purse kits that you sent me, and learned so much making them. Thank you for making such wonderful patterns. If everyone wrote instructions like yours, every project would be a success and everybody who tried sewing would be hooked.
Elizabeth - New York, USA

I made two things today on the sewing machine.  A small coin purse from your collection and it looks brilliant.  And a bag from a commercial bag pattern... I have cut it up and will use the remains for interfacing for a bag from one of your patterns.....  As it is I shall be saving heaps of money because to avoid bitter disappointment I shall only be buying and using your patterns from this day forth!!! ...Thank you again for making easy to use patterns for BEAUTIFUL bags.  And yes, I am a perfectionist ..... everything I make has to be better than you can buy in the shops and your bags are better than anything I have seen in the shops.
Helen - Vic

...just wanted to let you know how much fun I'm having making your bags.  Have made Hobo, Slouch(med) and am almost done with Mod....
I've learnt so much about lots of things already and have proven my sewing skills to be better than I thought. The bags look like they are supposed to! Brilliant's almost like Nikki is in the room teaching.... Can't wait for the Belle pattern to arrive... Also thanks for the very pleasant phone service girls...give yourselves gold stars please!

Rosalee - WA

I have completed my first barrel purse which turned out beautifully if I may say so myself! ...The pattern was brilliant! There is so much more in them than “just patterns”, so I was most impressed! Definitely worthwhile, and I am sure I will also enjoy (and manage) the Mod pattern just as well!
Anna - WA

Now that I've done a few following the pattern to learn the techniques, I think I'm ready to start "tweaking" it a little and see what modifications I can make. Your techniques have really helped me to progress with my bag-making skills and produce a much more professional looking purse.
Kathy - Pennsylvania, USA

I have found your patterns really easy to follow and everything fits step by step. I have found your assistants (Leah I think) really helpful and the service great so thank you and continued success... [and again].. I just thought I'd let you know that I have been using the spec case for a few days and am so happy with it. It is a great size and not too heavy in your bag. The glasses fit really well and I will so be making more.....
Vicki - SA

I just had to email you to tell you how pleased I am with myself and how terrific your patterns are....I think I have pretty much your entire “beginners” range of patterns but picked up the Hobo and thought I’d give it a shot. I did it today, and I am SO pleased with how it turned out, which is why I am gushing to you here. I did find two bits a bit fiddly – stitching the facing (and your backing up to the corner bit) and sewing the inner lining to the facing curve. BUT the point is – I DID IT. And I love it. And I am going to have to make another one (or two, three, four)....
Allison - Vic

I made up a hat with the Fedora pattern. I love the pattern - and they are the best described hat making instructions I have come across - and that is saying something as I have made a fair few hats! ...I have a one third chance of getting to wear the hat when we go out as my two daughters grab for it very quickly. Please thank Nikki for the wonderful instructions and pattern. I look forward to making up many more hats for me and my daughters from the patterns :-)
Marnie - NSW

After I ordered the bag pattern I was still searching the net and found all these 'free' bag patterns and I was beginning to slap myself for spending 20 bucks on a pattern... well I can now say its the best 20 dollars I spent - the pattern is easy - the instructions are brilliant...
Tracey - Tas

I just completed your Dress Bag & was THRILLED with your finishing work!!! Your pattern made the best finished product...most bag patterns need a lot of tweaking to get a professional looking result. I am looking forward to learning lots more from the patterns I am ordering.
Beth - New York, USA

I really don't think I'd be making and selling purses if I hadn't found your site. After purchasing my first Nicole pattern (The Belle Bag)... I was hooked. The time and effort that you put into your instructions along with your design ideas are what make people keep coming back.
Laura - USA

Thank you for being there for we sewers. Although I have been sewing for 60 years, I am learning new techniques from you thru your patterns.
Dot - PA (USA)

Thank you so much for the hat patterns. I have made one, and very pleased with myself as well I might add. It turned out really well. The pattern was fantastically easy to follow. Now friends want them as well!! I don't normally spruke about the things that I make, but I am happy with this one....
Michelle - QLD

Last week I ordered the Hobo pattern from you... I'm not a very good sewer, but your instructions are great, (really good for the dummies, and great notes and warnings - I need that sort of help) and the pattern worked out really well - I'm impressed...
Michelle – NSW

...I wanted to let you know that your patterns are fantastic! I feel so much more confident about my sewing and ability to read a pattern thanks to you...
Prue - Vic

The bag turned out as close to perfect as anything I had ever imagined and tried to do.
Angelique - Michigan, USA

...thank you again for all your help. I finished the purse and it turned out great! The instructions were very easy to follow and very helpful. I am looking forward to ordering more of your products.
Barbara - California, USA

...I just made my first purse using the kit and it worked perfectly and
looks fantastic. The kit ROCKS!! Seriously, I tried making these things months ago and it nearly killed me. I did everything the hard way and gave up on them completely...

Kirrily - NSW

I've just made one of your "City Bags" ....I couldn't be happier with the result... Your instructions as always were really easy to follow and helpful. I love the tips you have in the patterns.
Jo - WA

I'll be raving about your patterns again, honestly Nikki, you really do the best instructions of pretty much all the patterns I've used.... Great combinations of diagrams and instructions, and I love getting complete pattern pieces.... Your variations on designs are also great.
Lara - Vic

Your patterns are fantastic, the best I have worked with. It has taught some
new skills and it is my best made bag yet, thanks !
Katy - QLD

Your directions were very clear and easy to follow, and that made the bag pretty straightforward!
Katie (age 14) - Florida, USA

“…(flat curved bag). It's fantastic! I've already made two, and get lots of comments on them. The pattern was so easy to follow, and now I think I'm addicted! In fact, so much so that I'd like to buy another pattern.....“ (Next email...) "..and yes, you can use my comments as a testimonial. More than happy. I generally have little patience for machine sewing (I do hand quilting, which I enjoy much more than sitting at a machine), but the pattern was so straightforward, and the results so immediate that even I didn't get scared off!”
Julie - Vic

A girl at work thought I was pulling her leg when I told her I made the bag I was carrying...
Julie - NSW

You've created a monster! I can't stop making bags!!
Yvonne - Vic

The medium slouch is a great pattern. I couldn't stop looking at the bag when it was finished!
Kylie – NSW

Made my 30cm snap closure bag on Sunday. Just had to glue the clasp on and was a bit scared to take the plunge. Yesterday I decided the bag was no good without it so here goes - went on perfectly the first time - could not believe it - wonder if the next one will be as easy - there will be more of these bags.
Shona - WA

The kits are great, well written, easy to follow and fab to look at, what more can you want? I will be back for more.
Dawn - Surrey, UK

I am so pleased with the purse you would think I had designed the whole thing myself. It all went together in about an hour, everything fitted where it should and it was so easy.
Gillian - Vic

The instructions were simple and easy to understand, the purse itself was much easier to make than I thought, and I look forward to making many more...
Angelique - NT

Your instructions are brilliant. I took my time and worked through step by step and it went together exactly as you said. I can't wait to make another [300mm Snap] ..... I will definitely make more and I will definitely try some other styles as well, but this will be a favourite! I've never really been a handbag person, but now I can make my own unique bags, I will be making them to
match every outfit.
Thanks again for your kind help. I'll be in touch soon with another order.
Carol - NSW


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Workshop Feedback - (anonymous feedback forms)

"Nicole, you are a gifted teacher!"

“Great fun and easy to follow. Good number of people.”

“…Nicole’s patience & calmness and clear intent”

“..your teaching is very encouraging and results are great!”

“Great set-up and instruction”

“Could not have been improved”

“...additional information found by chatting and sharing was a bonus!"

"Nicole brought a real warmth to the group"

"Absolutely excellent in all regards!"

“…Lifted my confidence in being able to achieve something with a quality finish..”


"....[the] teacher's patience and inclusive nature"

"Nicole's support and hands-on teaching style made it very comfortable to ask really basic questions without feeling intimidated..."

"...[score] 10/10 and I wanted to leave room for improvement."

“Very pleasant and professional attention to each individual..”


Thank you Nicole for one of the most inspiring days of my life! No joke! I learned to make a bag (quality bag!) by my own standards, in one single day, that's quite an achievement for me. Tips and techniques I took away from your class were invaluable. I finally believe I now have the confidence to produce a product.... Thank you for being such a great teacher - your patience and creative hands on approach has made me a believer in my own abilities once again. Can't wait to make lots more bags!
Nicole - NSW

The class was even better than I thought it was going to be. I enrolled in the class because even though I have been sewing for about 35 years, sometimes I feel it is a bit of an effort to get motivated to sew. I guess I have got a bit stale – life is so busy, putting aside time to sew seems like an indulgence. Not any more! I came home last Sunday and even though I was dog tired, I got out my fabric pieces and am now planning a few sewing projects for this weekend. You are a fantastic teacher – so passionate about your craft, it shows. The class was just at the right pace for me and I learned a lot from looking at the other projects in the room. Your notes and explanations are really great and so easy to follow.
Rosalind - ACT


...I found you as a teacher, very inspiring, very easy to get along with and very friendly and patient. You're a great teacher because you truly love what you do....
I really enjoyed it. It made my Thursday after a long day's work....

Anna – Vic

You are an AMAZING teacher! I have never been in a class where everyone was doing something different AND the teacher managed to keep us busy...
Allison - Vic



Nikki has been my vital inspiration and idol since I have started my handbag business in Kuala Lumpur. She's a great teacher...
Liyana - KL, Malaysia (attended a course in Melbourne)

I have been using my bag constantly – I love it and so does everyone at work! I missed not having a class this week.
Amy - Vic

I’ve had a lot of sewing tutors, and you’re by far the most professional and knowledgeable – and definitely the most funky…
Zaneta - Vic
(*NOTE: funky= hip/cool/groovy.. not mouldy!)

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Supplies and Customer Service

I just wanted to say that I received my order last week and was so impressed with everything - from your customer service to the great products, value for money and speedy delivery, it was all great! I’ll definitely shop with you again.
Jo (NSW)

You are awesome! ...thanks a bundle for being so helpful - no wonder you are such a success.  I look forward to more business exchanges with you.
Stephanie (USA)

Thank you so much for your very prompt delivery. This was my second time to buy from Nicole M Design am VERY happy with the service and will be coming back for my future handbag hardware needs.
Mariane (Aus)

You are always fast to answer and soo fast shipping the orders and also very,very cheap compared to Sweden. And most of all, you are soo very,very nice, all the time!... the website and the blog has a very nice, friendly tone with all the good tips, it´s one of my favorite sites!!
Marie-Louise (Sweden)

I wanted to write you to let you know that I love all the hardware - it's of EXCELLENT quality - and I am so appreciative of your awesome customer service and help. You sent over the perfect things. Consider me one very happy buyer! I'll be back soon to order more from you ...and I'm already recommending you to my friends in Europe.
Rebecca - France

You will definitely be hearing from me again, you have everything I need and are just a gem to deal with! keep up the good work.
Meridy - Vic

... it´s Friday 12 o´clock in the morning - and the parcel has already arrived!!!! So it just took 5 days - that´s reallly great!
Monika - Germany

You guys are very quick and easy to deal with which is great!
Jacqueline - WA

I will definitely be doing business with you again and can highly recommend your personal, speedy service.
Connie - ONT (Canada)

...just paid - many thanks for making it so easy....[later that week]...Can't believe it, but the frames arrived today - many, many thanks.
Sibylla - Cheshire (UK)

I also wanted to say how brilliant it was to actually talk to you the other day...You were so friendly and helpful and I want to say again how clever I think you are....I am more than impressed with your work.
Prue - Vic

Just thought I'd let you know that I received the package this morning and that the O-Rings are fantastic......Thanks again for sending them so soon.
Donna - SA

I just wanted to let you know the antique rings & pattern arrived early this week - you are right, they're gorgeous! And exactly what I wanted.
Jane - Vic

My order arrived yesterday... It came quite quickly! Thanks. I read thru your directions and can't wait to make the coin purse. I will look at your website for tips. I wish I lived closer so I could take a class from you.
Linda - CT (USA)

Just wanted to let you know that I received my parcel yesterday...Once again, it has been a pleasure to deal with you, and I look forward to being in contact with you again soon.
- NT

Thank you, I love doing business with you...
Sandra - NSW

Received my parcel today, thank you so much!!!...I will be back for more supplies..Thanks for the great products & service.
Heather - WA

Various comments:

“It's always such a pleasure ordering from you!!”
“…I love this new shop system!”
“The patterns arrived today, many thanks. Can't wait to get started!”
“Thanks so much for being so supportive and fun, Leah!”
“…with the super-clear instructions and excellent pattern, it's hard to go wrong -- the purse *almost* makes itself.”
“My order arrived yesterday!  Thank you so much for your quick service, i really appreciate it. “
“Super efficient as always Leah!  “
“The new online shopping section of your website is great : D”
“Well your service continues to impress, as my parcel arrived today.”
“Thanks so much for your prompt responses and I look forward to receiving the package!”
“Well you have restored my faith in almost everything. Thanks so much for the lovely email, good service and freebie piping.”
“Once again thanks for the very quick replies, makes it so nice to order things from you!
“Sorry about the delay in writing to say thanks for the prompt and efficient delivery. “
“Dear Ann-Marie, Thank-you for that, and thank-you for your friendly and professional service.”
“Thank you very much and yes, I am a great admirer of your new shop! So very easy - congratulations.”
“My order arrived safely today ... many thanks for the speediness....”
“Shopping Cart is fantastic, much easier to see what i need.. : )”
“I've had such a wonderful experience with Nicole Mallalieu Design. THANKS once again.”
“Absolutely LOVE the new website.  Makes everything so much easier and it just works really well as a website.”
“New shopping cart was ace – very easy to use.”
“I made the laptop bag for my daughter.  Worked so well I think I might keep it!
Excellent instructions.”
“Just wanted to say that I have just seen the new online shop and it's fantastic!! Congratulations, I can't wait to order from it. :)”
“Thanks for your wonderful customer service today!”
“Thanks for the quick response. Your new online shop is great - its so easy to use!”
“Thank you for the prompt, friendly and excellent service. I love your products, blog and easy-to-use website and am looking forward to receiving my order.”
“Many Thanks again Leah, 10/10 for customer service.”
“I got my order today - delivered by 10:30 am.  If only other places could be so reliable and fast with their deliveries - I am always so impressed by the speed and efficiency of your company. “
“I want to thank you for my last order. It came very quickly I was very pleased.”
“thank you for your promp delivery of my order which i received yesterday. Looking forward to doing more business with you as it is so hard to by craft things in Hobart.”
“Thanks for taking care of the order so quickly. You guys rock! 
“Thank you so much for your very prompt delivery. This was my second time to buy from Nicole M Design am VERY happy with the service and will be coming back for my future handbag hardware needs.”
“I received the order today- wow, was that fast! Everything looks great and I can't wait to get started.”
“Looking forward to receiving the goods. You may have me addicted! I will
definitely come back for more. I appreciate your service. It was a
pleasure working with you!!”
“Received today, very speedy thank you!!”
“Received with thanks. I would like to thank you also for the friendly service.”
“The shopping cart is fantastic! I'll definately be back again when I run out of supplies. Thanks so much for the wonderful service I always get! Its always a pleasure shopping here.”
“Many thanks Leah you are a doll,”
“… thank you again for your spectacular service. “
“I got my order today, thanks so much again for your brilliant service. I can see having found you I’ve started a new addiction….
… So thank you for your help, your wonderful store and fantastic service. I look forward to shopping again and again!”
“I placed my order yesterday pm - I have just picked it up from my PO box (9.15am).  Well, that's what I call good service -  you and Australia Post.”
“Hooray hooray! My order arrived today! Now that's what I call FAST -- I ordered online on Sunday, called in my credit card details Monday, and here it is Tuesday arvo and I have my stuff! Thanks to all the people at NM -- now I can finish off my latest bag today!”


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