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USB Key Fob

This is a quick-fix crafty project that brings a bit of "handmade" to a high-tech world.

These make great craft-stall items for fetes and are an excellent gift-idea for men or for women of all tech-savvy ages.


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Finished fob approx 10cm x 4cm (4" x 1 ½")

Cotton (quilting weight) fabric
Vilene S320* or other interfacing
6mm fusible webbing tape (Eg. Vliesofix T6)
30-50mm (1 ½" - 2") USB Stick**
30mm (1 ¼ inch) split key ring**
1 x 10-12mm (1/2 inch) press snap fastener
Appliqué mat or baking paper (parchment)
Thread to match your fabric
Rotary cutter and quilting ruler

* Vilene S320 - a high-quality fusible interfacing-
is the ideal interfacing for this project.
If all else fails, you can use any stable (like paper) fusible interfacing, but the results may
not be the same.

**You may alter the pattern to fit other length USB sticks.

***Alternatively, use a 38mm (1 ½") snap hook

Olfa point cutter, hobby knife or scalpel
Tailor's awl
Fusible webbing (Vliesofix, Applifix, Heat&Bond etc) or quilt basting spray